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Cycling to(wards) Syria

This May, I shall set off on a 3,000 mile bicycle tour, following the routes of migration from the safe refuge of London to the bombed-out streets of Syria. Don't worry: safety is my first priority. I am fully expecting never to reach Syria, but that is my destination of the mind.

Along the way, I shall be collecting stories direct from the mouths of migrants, aid workers, government officials and local residents, using each interview to inform the course of the journey, and sharing these stories with as wide an audience as I can, in written word, photography, audio, and video.

(Link to Google Map of the route.)

This expedition has gradually solidified over the last few months from vague pipe dream to something that is really going to happen. Now I am ready to share my ideas, hear yours, and ask for help.

The route marked out above has a few flaws, not the least of which is that Google thinks I'll be walking, but the three thousand miles should cover the UK, France, Belgium, G…