It was only two weeks into the ride that I realised that my phone battery could handle running Strava all day. Some days I forgot to start the clock, some days I forgot to stop it, but here is a vague day-by-day record of our ride. There are about ten maps per page, so click through for more. (And allow 30s for the page to come back from space with all the maps!)




Go to page two for Germany and beyond!


We had a day off in Daun on the 19 May to stock up on tech, go for a swim, shave my beard and recover from watching Liverpool lose the Europa Cup final.

We had a day off in Augsburg to enjoy Grandhotel Cosmopolis, watch storms flood the pretty canals and fantasise about staying forever.

Thanks to the awesome hospitality of Elizabeth and Markus, we had a day off in Hirten to make mandelhoenchen, but mostly we recovered from a belting thunderstorm that dissolved everything.


Hooray! Stay tuned for Part Two...


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